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You are an entrepreneur, professional, craftsman, farmer, freelancer, trader, hairdresser, buyers etc. welcome to

The idea of entrepreneurship seduces you and you have the skills and the motivation necessary to create an economic activity, to embark on a sector of activity with a strong social impact, to create employment..., we present to you a professional network where you can grow in your field.

The advantage of being in constant contact with passionate entrepreneurs and coaching experts is a major asset for sharpening your skills and knowledge in the sector of activity that interests you.

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Synapseu club allows you to easily get in touch with different actors who appeal to your field of activity.

Using as a networking tool can bring new opportunities for your self-management: find new customers, establish partnerships, discover new suppliers…

As you know, writing and publishing valuable content on the subject has two great advantages: It makes you more legitimate in the eyes of the community (expert position) It helps natural (free) citations and increases visibility when searching for Internet users

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